2016 Draft: Mocks are a mockery

Cross my palm with silver and I’ll tell you your future… Looking at the first round a few hours after it happened, forget mock drafts, we might as well have gone to a fortune teller.

Even in this information-at-our-fingertips age, when it comes to the Draft, most pundits are in the same boat as us and Jon Snow – we know nothing. We aren’t, happily, laying dead in the snow from multiple stab wounds from our treacherous Watch brothers.

Start at No3 – Joey Bosa to San Diego makes no sense to some. “He’s wrong for their 3-4 system and will either be slow as a linebacker or undersized for a defensive end.” So the experts never predicted that the Ohio State pass rusher would end up in San Diego. Then again, his game is all about upfield pressure, which very much does fit the Chargers’ defensive approach. And he was one of the top three players in this year’s class. So who’s right? Well, we’ll find out in a season or two.

Then you look at someone who is still waiting to hear his name called – junior Myles Jack, whose September knee injury and potential microfracture surgery down the line has caused his stock to fall through the floor. Pure athleticism – he won the 2013 Pac-12 Offensive & Defensive Freshman of the year as a running back and linebacker – he was top five on most big boards. The UCLA product will surely come off the board early tonight but that’s a precipitous fall.

Talking of which, what do a bong and a bung have in common? The answer is Laremy Tunsil – the most bizarre story of the Draft (so far). Moments before the event began, a video of Tunsil wearing a gasmask attached to a bong appeared on his Twitter feed. It was quickly deleted followed by the account, which was said to have been hacked.

It was clearly enough to put off two or three tackle-hungry teams – Giants, Titans and Ravens. Miami jumped at the chance to grab the best pass blocker in the Draft at 13. But then later on his Instagram, text conversations asking Ole Miss staff for help paying his rent appeared. That was also promptly fixed and followed by an exchange with reporters in which he seemed to admit the improper payments.

Everyone had Ezekiel Elliott and Dallas at No4 as a likely match of player and need. Few could have predicted his outfit on the night though. A cut-off shirt, no less, like the old-school cropped jersey he used to wear at Ohio State before they were outlawed by the NCAA. Oh to be 20 and able to pull that off. I reckon if I shrink a shirt, it might sit atop my stomach, but I think it’s best for all concerned that I keep a coat over it.

Elsewhere in the first round, you had two safeties – Keanu Neal and Karl Joseph – going to Atlanta and Oakland (in the market for a Charles Woodson replacement) when they had, in some previews, third and fourth-round grades. San Francisco traded two extra picks to Kansas to grab guard Joshua Garnett and Seattle opted for the fifth-ranked tackle with the last pick of the round. They’d traded their pick to the Broncos so that they could move up to select QB of the future Paxton Lynch with the 26th choice. Having Mark Sanchez at the top of your depth chart will force moves like that.

But let’s allow Jim Mora to have the last word. When it comes to the Draft and what’s going on inside teams’ war rooms…


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